Saturday, October 15, 2011


And just to clarify, I'm not talking about the 'dream' dream job or dream holiday of that sort. I'm talking about the 'dream' dream. The real dream. The dreams that you get when you fall asleep and your conscious mind went blanked and your sub-conscious mind reigned over your own body.

I can for as far as I can remember, I had been dreaming like really creepy (and stupid) stuff. I still remember this one reccurring dream that I keep having as a child; ABDUCTED BY GOBLINS! And I'm sure they are goblins, not, you know, extra-terrestrials or anything, because, well they looked like goblins to me back then and it is a foregone conclusion that I've drawn upon myself that it is indeed mother-freaking goblins and not toyol or anything.

So in that particular dream of mine (I'm very much sure it is not a nightmare, I actually looked forward to having that dream, so that can't be a nightmare...) I was abducted by silhouettes and brought to the said silhouettes world, inside the shadows. And as I actually recalled, the shadow world is inside my house, we went out using the main door and the entrance is somewhat near the front door. And when we went through, they are people (goblins) doing experiments and stuffs, and the other furniture like the TV set and the couches went from normal to OM-FREAKING-G THAT'S HUGE like it was being magnified to I dunno what size. And then the TV just *flop* and fall and by then I should be up. Wait, I mean, by then I'm up.

This is just like one of those dream that I can actually recalled. There's a term for it. Lucid dreams. And the fact is that, in this sort of dream, you actually have a degree of control on what you're dreaming about; they also have like little training and exercises to train your conscious mind to take over control once you went lucid.

Some people even have nightmares. I also do. But usually we don't really remember what we dream, well actually, most of the time we don't. And the fact that some nightmares just stuck in your head actually means that it is a lucid dream, a dream that you can managed. But what people always seems to forget is the fact that dream just don't happen for no reason.

Many famous psychologist and psychoanalyst have deduced that dream is in fact a way of the body, to a certain degree, to unwind and relax. Dream are mostly consist of your subconscious mind and creativity, the creativity part is the one that is responsible for any weird a (and saucy *winkwink*) dream that you have once in a while. The father of Freudian, Sigmund Freud said that dream is our mind working its way to fulfill our wishes and all that. So you can always know why a person is very happy when he/she woke up the next morning.

But what struck me the most awesome and yet, not fully discovered part of the dream is the future telling part. I don't know about you guys, but I for once had experienced this somewhat like deja vu dreams, for ages! Well, not like I have one every other day, but yes, I have them for more than once! And it never failed to amazed me. 

These precognition dreams are very vivid, to the extent that I can say that they are some sort of lucid dream, but I can only control myself. Or rather, I think I can only hear myself, think, speak, hear myself think about what I see and smell. I can experience myself in that dream, but I don't have any control over them. And usually these dreams happened right before I wake up, and then it is embedded in my head.

Only to have me forgot about them until the said event happened.

And then I'll be like, 'OMG I've been here before!'. And yes, I have, and all the thing that I did/heard/said/saw/read/whatever is exactly the same as the one that I experienced in my dreams. Like, totally the same. And the dreams, they're not specific i.e. not only for places that I go, they can go as far as fanfics that I read.

Which to me, was like amazing. But for the last two days, it actually happened to me back-to-back. Last Thursday, it was a fanfic that I read, which, from my memory of the dream, had me going 'Why did you go and help that bad guy that bad guy is bad listen to that good guy he's a good guy and he's helping you WHY YOU NO LISTEN TO ME'. Evidently enough, I don't really go gaga over the text and said all that in one breathe, but yet it is what I felt like saying. 

And then yesterday, I was late for my Friday prayer, and had to like pray on the pavement outside of the mosque under the blazing sun. By that time also people are already done and are going out and about, when I finally realized that I have had went through it. In a dream!

I don't really know the science behind it. I mean, heck, is future-telling even a science? But one thing for sure, I've had them, and they are for real, and that they will just like flash in my eyes when I am going through it for real. One thing that really caught my eyes from my reading was that this precognitive dreams actually tells us what to expect, and with careful planning, might avoid going through such events. 

But I guess you don't really learn anything from dreams right? Thought so. 

Except for guys who had dreams about having a threesome with two hot models on a pavement of some hotel. That, my friends, must be learnt for future usage. 

And that is also a repressed desire, but who cares?!

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